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13 December 2020

Report: ATR 72 lines up and starts take-off on incorrect runway, Australia

13 December 2020

A Virgin Australia ATR 72 inadvertently lined-up on the wrong runway at Canberra Airport for a night time departure, a new ATSB report details.

Report: Unstable approach, failure to go-around leads to a hard landing of ATR 72 at Canberra, Australia

12 November 2019

The ATSB concluded that an unstable approach preceded a hard landing accident of an ATR 72 airliner at Canberra, Australia.

ATSB releases preliminary report on hard landing accident of ATR 72-600 at Canberra Airport, Australia

23 January 2018

The ATSB released a preliminary report into a hard landing accident involving an ATR 72-600 at Canberra Airport, Australia on 19 November 2017.

ATSB is investigating an ATR 72-600 windshear, tailstrike accident at Canberra, Australia

24 November 2017

The ATSB is investigating a recent accident involving a ATR 72-600 that suffered a tailstrike on landing after encountering windshear at Canberra Airport, Australia.