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12 July 2019

Yeti ATR 72-500 suffers runway excursion on landing in heavy rain at Kathmandu

12 July 2019

A Yeti Airlines ATR 72-500, flight YT422, suffered a runway excursion on landing at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal; no injuries among the 69 occupants.

Fatal Kathmandu DHC-8 accident caused by stressed-out pilot making unsafe and desperate landing

28 January 2019

The fatal US-Bangla Airlines DHC-8 accident at Kathmandu in 2018 was caused by the stressed-out captain making an unsafe and desperate landing after losing situational awareness.

Yeti Airlines BAe Jetstream 41 suffers runway excursion after landing at Kathmandu Airport, Nepal

1 September 2018

A Yeti Airlines BAe Jetstream 41 (9N-AHW) suffered a runway excursion after landing in rain at Kathmandu Airport, Nepal.

Kathmandu Post: captain in fatal Dash 8 accident showed stressed and erratic behaviour on flight

27 August 2018

The captain of the US-Bangla Dash 8 that crashed at Kathmandu, Nepal in March, showed stressed and erratic behaviour, according to a report.

US-Bangla Airlines DHC-8-Q400 crashed at Kathmandu, Nepal, while attempting to land; 51 killed

12 March 2018

A US-Bangla Airlines DHC-8-Q400 crashed at Kathmandu Airport, Nepal, while trying to land after an aborted approach; 49 have been killed, 22 survived.