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5 February 2019

Crew of GoAir Airbus A320 shut down wrong engine after birdstrike on departure from Delhi, India

5 February 2019

AAIB India concluded that the crew of a GoAir Airbus A320 shut down the wrong engine after a birdstrike on departure from Delhi, India.

Air India Airbus A321 returns to land at Delhi after hitting a weather balloon

29 April 2018

An Air India Airbus A321 returned to land at Delhi Airport after hitting a weather balloon.

Close encouter on taxiway at a foggy Delhi, with an A320 and a Boeing 737 on collision course (final report)

17 November 2017

A Boeing 737 and an Airbus A320 stopped on a taxiway as both aircraft were taxing towards each other at a foggy Delhi Airport, an investigation report shows.

SpiceJet DHC-8-400 suffers tailstrike on landing at Delhi Airport, India

9 November 2017

A SpiceJet DHC-8-400 suffered a tailstrike incident on landing at Delhi Airport, India.

Final report: August 2014 engine fire incident involving ATR 72-600, Delhi, India

20 May 2017

AAIB India issued a final report on the August 2014 serious engine fire incident involving an ATR 72-600, at Delhi, India.

Incident: Jet Airways ATR 72-500 nosewheel steering problem, Delhi, India

19 April 2017

A Jet Airways ATR 72-500 suffered a nosewheel steering problem on landing at Delhi, India.