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14 April 2021

Checklist interruption factor in Metroliner runway excursion, Canada

14 April 2021

The flightcrew’s interruption of a checklist was factor in the February 2020 Metroliner runway excursion accident at Dryden, Canada, according to the newly released investigation report.

Report: Loss of engine oil pressure causes Metro III runway excursion on landing

24 November 2018

TSB Canada concluded that a loss of engine oil pressure caused a loss of propeller control authority on landing and the subsequent upset of the Metro III aircraft.

NTSB: fatal Metroliner crash due loss of control after pilot continued into adverse weather

12 November 2018

The NTSB concluded a fatal Metroliner cargo plane crash in December 2016 was due to the pilot losing control after continuing into adverse weather near Camilla, Georgia, USA.

Metroliner cargo flight turns ugly when loose screwdriver hit propeller during takeoff

11 November 2018

The NTSB published its final report on an accident in which a Metroliner cargo flight returned to land after a loose screwdriver hit a propeller during takeoff, causing damage to prop and fuselage.

Report: Inappropriate maintenance to modifications likely caused loss of control crash in Malta

31 October 2018

A final report concluded that inappropriate maintenance to modifications likely caused the loss of control crash of a Swearingen SA227-AT Expediter during takeoff from Malta in October 2016

Swearingen Metro III suffers runway excursion and gear collapse on takeoff from Saltillo Airport, Mexico

25 May 2018

A Swearingen Metro III suffered a runway excursion and subsequent gear collapse during takeoff from Saltillo Airport, Mexico.

Amaszonas Metroliner suffers runway excursion at Riberalta, Bolivia, after bird strike, aborted takeoff

29 March 2018

TSB recommends substance abuse program following fatal 2015 Metroliner in-flight breakup

3 November 2017

TSB Canada is recommending that Transport Canada work with the aviation industry and employee representatives to develop and implement requirements for a comprehensive substance abuse program, following a fatal Metroliner cargo aircraft accident in 2015.

Accident: Swearingen Metro III landing accident at Tampico, Mexico

3 June 2017

A Swearingen Metro III cargo plane suffered a landing accident at Tampico, Mexico.

Preliminary report issued on Metro III torque issue and runway excursion, Germany

16 March 2017

The German BFU issued a preliminary report issued on a serious Metro III runway excursion incident following a torque issue.