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17 February 2020

FAA issues emergency AD after ground fire accident involving Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet

17 February 2020

The FAA issued an emergency airworthiness directive (AD) to remove headset amplifier and microphone interface circuit card assemblies from the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet after a fire accident in December.

FAA demands replacement of AOA sensors on Cirrus SF50 jets following incidents

Cirrus SF50 (photo: James / CC:by-sa) 22 April 2019

On April 18 the FAA published an emergency airworthiness directive, requiring replacement of the angle of attack (AOA) sensor with an improved model.

Report: Cirrus Vision SF50 runway excursion in Greenland due to hydraulic brake fluid leak

15 September 2018

A serious runway excursion incident involving a Cirrus Vision SF50 jet in Greenland was caused by a hydraulic brake fluid leak, according to the final report.