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9 June 2019

Report: near collision when two aircraft take off from same runway in opposite direction, Bahamas

9 June 2019

The AAID Bahamas released their final report of a near collision in which a Saab 340 and Piper PA-23 took off from the same runway in opposite direction at Nassau, Bahamas.

ATSB issues final report on in-flight loss of propeller involving Saab 340B

10 October 2018

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s (ATSB) investigation into the in-flight propeller loss involving a Saab 340B was the result of a fracture of the propeller shaft on the right engine propeller gearbox (PGB).

Final report: Stick shaker activates 3 times as Saab 340 enters icing conditions near Scotland

11 March 2018

The AAIB published their summary report on a serious incident in which a Saab 340’s stick shaker activated 3 times as it entered icing conditions near Scotland.

ATSB: Saab 340B bird strike causes propeller tip damage on later flight

16 December 2017

The ATSB issued their final report of a serious incident in which a Saab 340B suffered propeller tip damage after sustaining bird strikes on a previous flight at Moruya, Australia.

UK Airprox Board: Saab 340 missed a drone by just 5 meters near Edinburgh

25 July 2017

The U.K. Airprox Board detailed an incident in which a Saab 340 aircraft missed a drone by just 5 meters as it was descending towards Edinburgh Airport, U.K. on May 19, 2017.

ATSB issues investigation update of Saab 340B in-flight loss of propeller incident

27 June 2017

The ATSB issued an update of their investigation into the in-flight loss of a Saab 340B propeller in March 2017.

Preliminary report: Saab 340B in-flight propeller loss, Sydney, Australia

13 April 2017

The ATSB has released a preliminary report into the in-flight propeller detachment involving a Regional Express SAAB 340 aircraft near Sydney Airport on 17 March 2017.

Report: Loss of pitch trim incident, Saab 340A in Sweden

21 January 2017

A Swedish Saab 340A suffered a loss of pitch trim, according to a report by the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority. The cause could not be established with certainty.

Report: Crew in Saab 340B runway excursion accident failed to use rudder on takeoff

9 October 2015

The AAIB reported that a Saab 340B runway excursion accident was the crew likely failed to use rudder during takeoff in cross-wind conditions.

Incident report: Non-standard recovery of Saab 340 after stall in icing conditions

10 September 2015

An AAIB investigation revealed that a Saab 340B stalled in icing conditions during a flight from Aberdeen to Sumburgh, U.K.. The aircraft was recovered in a non-standard manner and continued without incident to the planned destination.