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3 November 2021

Maintenance error led to fatal Saab 2000 runway overrun accident, Alaska

3 November 2021

A PenAir Saab 2000 turboprop airplane overran a runway in Alaska because its braking system was compromised by incorrectly wired anti-skid sensors, the NTSB determined.

Report: nose wheel steering lapse causes Saab 2000 to veer off runway on takeoff

19 December 2019

Report: a nose wheel steering lapse caused a Saab 2000 to veer off the runway on takeoff from Linköping/Saab Airport, Sweden.

PenAir Saab 2000 suffers runway excursion on landing at Unalaska Airport

18 October 2019

A PenAir Saab 2000 suffered runway excursion on landing at Unalaska Airport, seriously injuring two passengers.

Report: Saab 2000 descends below glideslope to 350 ft over terrain on approach to Billund, Denmark

3 January 2019

The Swiss TSB released their investigation report into a serious incident in which a Saab 2000 descended below the glideslope to 350 ft over terrain while on approach to Billund, Denmark.

Final report published: Saab 2000 engine failure near Lugano Airport, Switzerland

17 December 2017

The Swiss TSB released their final report on a Saab 2000 serious incident in which an engine failed after takeoff from Lugano Airport, Switzerland.

Dual control input factor in Saab 2000 hard landing accident, Paris, France

4 May 2017

Both pilots were using the controls in a landing accident with a Saab 2000 in 2014 at Paris, France, according to a BEA investigation.

Report: Saab 2000 loss of control when crew tries to override autopilot after lightning strike

8 September 2016

The U.K. AAIB recommends EASA to the autopilot system designs of passenger aircraft following a serious incident involving a Saab 2000 in which the flight crew tried to override the autopilot which the did not realise, was still engaged.