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1 August 2020

Report: Boeing 747-400 nearly hit the ground after descending below MDA at Tokyo-Haneda Airport

1 August 2020

A Thai Boeing 747-400 descended to 282 feet during a night-time final approach to Tokyo Airport because the pilots were concentrating on the lateral flight path, not noticing their dangerous descent.

JTSB: failure of HPT disk caused Boeing 777-300 engine fire accident on takeoff from Tokyo-Haneda, Japan

19 August 2018

The JTSB released their final report on the Boeing 777-300 engine fire accident at Tokyo-Haneda, Japan, blaming a manufacturing fault and subsequent failure of a high pressure turbine disk.

Thai Boeing 747-400 descends below MDA over terrain during approach to Haneda Airport

17 April 2018

A Thai Boeing 747-400 descended below MDA to 170 m over terrain during a night time approach to Tokyo-Haneda Airport, Japan

Report: Insufficient preparation after runway change factor in Airbus A320 approaching closed runway

1 March 2018

The JTSB published their final report on a December 2016 serious incident in which an Airbus A320 approached a closed runway at Tokyo-Haneda Airport, Japan.

Serious incident: Peach Airbus A320 aborts approach to closed runway at Tokyo-Haneda Airport

22 December 2016

A Peach Airbus A320 aborted the approach to a closed runway at Tokyo-Haneda Airport. The approach was aborted at an altitude of 460 ft.