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2 February 2021

Nippon Cargo Airlines Boeing 747-8F suffers a tailstrike at Tokyo/Narita Airport, Japan

2 February 2021

A Boeing 747-8F of Nippon Cargo Airlines, operating KZ258 from Hong Kong to Tokyo/Narita, suffered a tailstrike on landing.

Report: Corrosion cracking caused Korean Air Boeing 777 main gear axle failure on landing

28 September 2019

The final report issued by the JTSB stated that corrosion cracking caused the main gear axle failure on a Korean Air Boeing 777 that landed at Tokyo in June 2018.

Report: thrust setting for shorter runway causes Boeing 747-8F to rotate at runway end, Tokyo-Narita

9 June 2019

The JTSB final report of a serious incident at Tokyo-Narita Airport shows that the crew of a Boeing 747-8F used the thrust setting of a shorter runway on take-off.

Boeing 787-8 stuck for 4+ hours after taxiing onto taxiway under construction at Narita, Japan

30 July 2018

An Air Canada Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner became stuck for over 4 hours after taxiing onto a taxiway under construction at Tokyo-Narita Airport, Japan.

Korean Air Boeing 777-300 suffers main gear axle failure after arrival at Tokyo-Narita Airport, Japan

29 June 2018

A Korean Air Boeing 777-300 suffered a main gear axle failure after arrival at Tokyo-Narita Airport, Japan.

Final report: A330 runway incursion incident when crew gets distracted during taxiing at Tokyo-Narita

4 April 2018

The JTSB issued their final report on a serious Airbus A330 runway incursion incident that occurred at Tokyo-Narita Airport, Japan when the crew got distracted during taxiing.

Serious incident: Wrong thrust setting, long takeoff of Boeing 747-8 at Tokyo-Narita, Japan

10 August 2017

The JTSB is investigating a serious incident involving a Boeing 747-8F that had a long takeoff at Tokyo-Narita, Japan, due to a wrong thrust setting.

Serious runway incursion incident at Tokyo-Narita with Thai AirAsia X Airbus A330

15 February 2017

A Thai AirAsia X Airbus A330 taxied onto the active runway at Tokyo-Narita , forcing a China Airlines A330 to go around.