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19 August 2020

Report: ATR 72-600 crew in Taiwan excursion incident did not see centreline on touchdown

19 August 2020

Taiwan TSB concluded that the crew of an ATR 72-600 did not see centreline before the aircraft touched down on the left side of the runway, leading to a temporary excursion.

ATR 72-600 veers off runway on landing in thunderstorm at Taichung, Taiwan

22 April 2019

Far Eastern Air Transport flight FE3060 veered off the side of the runway while landing in a thunderstorm at Taichung, Taiwan.

ATR 72-600 hits runway edge light on landing Taichung Airport, Taiwan

23 August 2018

A Mandarin Airlines ATR 72-600 was damaged after hitting a runway edge light on landing at Taichung Airport, Taiwan.