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10 January 2022

Report: A320 copilot made rolling takeff on wrong runway at Sharjah

10 January 2022

A copilot in training inadvertently steered an A320 onto the wrong runway during a rolling takeoff at Sharjah Airport, according to a newly released report.

Wrong direction intersection takeoff incident of Airbus A320 at Sharjah Airport

6 October 2018

An Air Arabia Airbus A320 recently took off from Sharjah Airport in the wrong direction during an intersection takeoff.

Final report: Boeing 737-400 night time takeoff from taxiway at Sharjah, UAE

25 April 2017

The GCAA released it’s final report on the Boeing 737-400 night time takeoff from a taxiway at Sharjah, UAE in September 2015.