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18 February 2021

Report: Hydraulic leak caused A320 runway excursion on landing, Bulgaria

18 February 2021

A hydraulic leak on final approach to Bourgas Airport, Bulgaria, caused an Airbus A320 to suffer a runway excursion on landing according to the just released final report.

Report: controller’s conflicting clearance causes collision during pushback at Tel Aviv

1 July 2019

The Israeli final report into a pushback collision accident shows that the controller gave a conflicting clearance to a Boeing 737-700 and a Boeing 767 at Tel Aviv.

Germania Boeing 737-700 collides with El Al Boeing 767-300 during pushback at Tel Aviv Airport, Israel

28 March 2018

A Germania Boeing 737-700 collided with an El Al Boeing 767-300 during pushback at Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Airport, Israel, causing serious damage to the tail fin.

Final report: Airprox incident when Beech King Air entered Boeing 757 approach path near Tel Aviv, Israel

7 March 2018

AIAI Israel released their investigation report into the recent airprox incident when a Beech King Air entered the approach path of a Boeing 757 near Tel Aviv, Israel.

FedEx Boeing 757 and US Army Beech Huron involved in airprox incident near Tel Aviv, Israel

31 January 2018

Israel is investigating an airprox incident involving a FedEx Boeing 757 on approach to Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion and a US Army Beech Huron on departure from Sde Dov Airport.

Report: Airbus A320 avoids drone on approach to Tel Aviv Airport, Israel, June 10

14 August 2017

The Israeli AIAI issued a brief report on an incident on June 10 in which an Airbus A320 avoided drone while on approach to Tel Aviv Airport, Israel.

Report: Ukraine Boeing 737-900 tail tip incident due to lack of procedures

3 February 2017

A Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-900 suffered a tail tip incident at Tel Aviv when the forward cargo hold had been unloaded and all passengers in the forward cabin had deplaned, according to an Israeli report.