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11 June 2019

Challenger 300 jet misses glider by 100 feet on approach over France

HB-JGQ _Bombardier Challenger 300 (Photo: Markus Eigenheer; CC:by-sa) 11 June 2019

A BombardierChallenger 300 jet missed a glider by 100 feet while on approach to Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg EuroAirport.

BEA: misunderstanding of ATC request factor in runway incursion incident at Basel/Mulhouse

29 March 2018

BEA France reported that a misunderstanding of an ATC request and ATC’s failure to detect a readback error caused a KLM Cityhopper / SkyWork runway incursion incident at Basel/Mulhouse.

Report: easyJet Airbus A320 misses drone by 10 m near Basel, Switzerland

28 December 2016

The Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB) reports that an easyJet Airbus A320 missed drone by 10 m while on approach to Basel Airport , Switzerland, in July 2016.