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13 July 2022

A320 nearly struck terrain during go around at Paris-CDG

13 July 2022

Norwegian Air Sweden flight D84311, an Airbus A320-233, nearly struck the ground on approach to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport in France when it descended to 6 feet above ground level during a go-around.

Report: Airbus A330 almost departs with damage after ground collision at Paris-CDG Airport

2 November 2019

An Air France Airbus A330-200 almost departed with damage after a ground collision at Paris-CDG Airport, France, according to a new BEA report.

Inadequate phraseology caused serious runway incursion incident at Paris-CDG in Nov 2014

11 August 2019

BEA France released a final report on a serious runway incursion incident at Paris-CDG in Nov 2014, citing inadequate phraseology that caused an Airbus A319 to cross an active runway.

Report: Boeing 777-F take-off with insufficient engine thrust

22 December 2018

BEA France reported on a Boeing 777-F that took off with insufficient engine thrust after the crew based performance calculation on a mass 100 tonnes lower than the actual weight of the aircraft.

Final report: Avro RJ85 pressurisation failure after takeoff from Paris-CDG, France

4 April 2018

AAIU Ireland published their synoptic report on a serious incident involving an Avro RJ85 that suffered a pressurisation failure after takeoff from Paris-CDG, France.

BEA issues report on October 2013 Fokker F-27 loss of propeller and partial engine separation

12 February 2018

BEA France issued their final report on the October 2013 accident in which a Fokker F-27 lost a propeller and subsequently suffered a partial engine separation near Paris, France.

Dual control input factor in Saab 2000 hard landing accident, Paris, France

4 May 2017

Both pilots were using the controls in a landing accident with a Saab 2000 in 2014 at Paris, France, according to a BEA investigation.