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7 March 2018

Report: Airport closure, runway incursion cause Boeing 737 low fuel emergency landing at Malaga

7 March 2018

CIAIAC Spain published their final report on an incident in December 2016 when an airport closure at Sevilla and a runway incursion at Malaga, Spain, caused a Boeing 737-800 low fuel emergency landing.

Transavia Boeing 737-800 fuel emergency incident after diversion, go around in Spain

19 January 2017

A Transavia Boeing 737-800 flight declared a fuel emergency after a diversion to and subsequent go around at Malaga, Spain.

Norwegian Boeing 737 misses paraglider by 100 m on approach to Malaga, Spain

12 January 2017

The Spanish CIAIAC released the final report of their investigation into an airprox incident in which a Norwegian Boeing 737-800 missed paraglider by 100 m on approach to Malaga, Spain.