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9 March 2019

Undetectable elevator malfunction caused Ameristar MD-83 overrun accident at Detroit

9 March 2019

The MD-83 runway excursion accident at Detroit-Willow Run Airport in March 2017, occurred because of an undetected mechanical malfunction in the elevator, the National Transportation Safety Board says.

NTSB cites jammed elevator in Ameristar MD-83 rejected takeoff accident

22 March 2017

Preliminary findings of the NTSB show that an elevator on an Ameristar MD-83 was jammed during takeoff from Detroit-Willow Run Airport, resulting in a rejected takeoff and runway excursion.

MD-83 aborted takeoff and runway excursion at Detroit-Willow Run Airport

8 March 2017

An MD-83, N786TW , suffered a runway excursion following an aborted takeoff from Detroit-Willow Run Airport, Michigan, USA.