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10 June 2020

NTSB: Fort Lauderdale Boeing 767 fire due to maintenance lapse resulting in fuel leak

10 June 2020

The NTSB concluded that an October 2015 fire on a Boeing 767-200 at Fort Lauderdale Airport resulted from a fuel leak after maintenance personnel had failed to install a safety lockwire on a coupling.

NTSB: corrosion, metal fatigue caused FedEx MD-10 landing gear collapse at Fort Lauderdale

23 August 2018

NTSB says corrosion, metal fatigue caused FedEx MD-10-10F landing gear collapse accident at Fort Lauderdale, FL, Oct. 2016.

NTSB: FedEx MD-10 main gear collapsed after normal landing in Fort Lauderdale accident

22 November 2016

The NTSB issued an investigative update on the FedEx MD-10 landing gear failure accident at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, stating the left main gear collapsed 12 seconds after a normal landing.