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18 January 2022

Spoiler issue eyed in fatal Dominican Gulfstream G-IV crash

18 January 2022

Preliminary investigation results suggest the Dominican Gulfstream G-IVSP that crashed in December 2021, departed with spoilers extended on the right-hand wing.
Maintenance work had been accomplished on these spoilers just prior to the flight.

NTSB: Gulfstream G-IV approached taxiway at Philadelphia, overflew jets at 200 feet

6 September 2018

The NTSB is investigating an incident involving a Gulfstream G-IV that approached a taxiway at Philadelphia. During the go-around it overflew four passenger jets; the first one at 200 feet.

Preliminary report: Gulfstream G450 departed Salzburg, Austria, with landing gear safety pins installed

12 April 2018

Austria released a preliminary report on a Gulfstream G450 that departed Salzburg Airport with the landing gear safety pins installed. The nose gear collapsed on the taxiway.

FAA AD on gust lock modification on Gulfstream G-IV jets becomes effective

2 August 2017

An FAA Airworthiness Directive (AD) is becoming effective on August 3, 2017 that calls for a retrofit of the gust lock throttle interlock on specific Gulfstream G-IV, G300 and G400 jets. This AD follows a fatal accident in May 2014.