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4 February 2022

Report: Global 6000 suffers wing tip strikes after encountering gusting winds

4 February 2022

A Global 6000 jet suffered wing tip strikes on landing at Taichung in December 2020 after encountering gusting winds with the crew unable gain complete control of the aircraft due to late disconnection of the autopilot. This, according to a newly released final report on the incident.

Report: USAF Global Express crew shut down wrong engine after failure

24 January 2021

A USAF report revealed that the crew of a Global Express shut down wrong engine after an uncontained failure. The aircraft crashed during the emergency landing.

Inadequate flight planning led to Global Express collision with runway lights at Montreal/St-Hubert

3 July 2018

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) found that inadequate flight planning led to a Global Express aircraft colliding with runway lights after landing at the Montreal/St-Hubert Airport.