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5 April 2011

Report on UPS B747F in-flight fire accident: captain likely incapacitated

5 April 2011

The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) published a Preliminary Report of their investigation into the September 2010 fatal accident involving a UPS Boeing 747-400F. The report amongst others indicates that the captain had to leave his seat in search for portable oxygen in the smoke-filled flight deck. After which there was no further CVR information that indicated […]

Report: Fatigue stress caused Ilyushin 76 wheel failure

16 February 2011

On October 19th 2009, the pilot of an Ayk Avia IL-76TD, registered EK-76754, requested to return to the departure stand 56 at Sharjah International Airport after an aborted takeoff at runway 12 due to heavy vibration during the aircraft roll. The United Arab Emirates’ General Civil Aviation Authority investigated the incident and reported that heavy […]