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TSB recommends mandatory installation of flight recorders for commercial and private business aircraft
26 April 2018

TSB recommends mandatory installation of flight recorders for commercial and private business aircraft

26 April 2018

TSB Canada recommends mandatory installation of lightweight flight recording systems by all commercial and private business operators not currently required to carry them, in the wake of a fatal corporate jet accident.

Airbus launches new fixed and deployable flight recorders

22 June 2017

Airbus announced that it is to implement new fixed and deployable flight recorders on it’s passenger aircraft.

Flight recorders under water: list of longest periods before recovery

19 June 2016

Twenty-eight days after the accident, both flight records of EgyptAir flight 804 were recovered from the Mediterranean Sea this week. How does this compare to recorder recovery operations of other commercial aircraft accidents at sea?

NTSB calls for better ways to find aircraft accident sites and retrieve critical flight data

22 January 2015

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a series of safety recommendations to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) calling for improvements in locating downed aircraft and ways to obtain critical flight data faster and without the need for immediate underwater retrieval. The Board also re-emphasized the need for cockpit image recorders on commercial airplanes.

NTSB analyses passenger’s iPhone video to determine the trajectory and speed of fatal DHC-3T accident

17 September 2014

Investigators of the NTSB have analysed video footage of a fatal aircraft accident to determine the trajectory and speed. The video was taken by a passenger on board the plane.

EASA publishes new proposals for flight recorders and locating devices

6 May 2014

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) announced new proposals for flight recorders and underwater locating devices which aim at facilitating the recovery of an aircraft and of its flight recorders in case of an accident.

France calls for flight data recorders to be installed on all commercial aircraft

23 May 2013

An accident involving a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan in Guadeloupe led the French accident investigating agency to recommend EASA to extend the obligation to carry a flight data recorder on board any aircraft in commercial air transport.

TSB calls for lightweight flight recording systems on small commercial aircraft

15 May 2013

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is calling on Canada’s small aircraft operators to equip their fleets with lightweight recorders to monitor flight data, and is pressing Transport Canada to work with industry to make it happen. This TSB recommendation is part of an investigation report in which investigators could not conclusively determine why a de Havilland Canada DHC-3T Turbo Otter lost control and broke up in flight in the Yukon, Canada in March 2011.

ANSV Italy condemns use of CVR transcript by newspapers

2 February 2012

The Italian accident investigation board ANSV condemned the dissemination of the partial transcrtipt of the Cockpit Voice Recorder of an Airbus A319 accident at Parlermo in 2010.

NAV Canada demands Air France crash CVR for lawsuit defense

2 June 2010

NAV Canada, responsible for air traffic control, demands access to the cockpit voice recorder transcript of the Air France Airbus accident at Toronto in 2005. They claim to need the transcript to defend itself against a $200 million lawsuit brought by Air France. In February 2005 an Air France Airbus A340 overran the runway on […]