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6 August 2020

Report: Airbus A320 contained engine failure and unnecessary emergency evacuation at Stansted Airport

6 August 2020

The AAIB reports that an Airbus A320 was unnecessarily evacuated following an aborted takeoff at London-Stansted Airport after contained engine failure.

AAIB: Biocide overdose in fuel after maintenance caused serious engine issues on Airbus A321

21 April 2020

An overdose of biocide, added to the aircraft’s fuel after maintenance, caused serious engine issues during a repositioning flight of an Airbus A321 from London-Gatwick Airport, according to an interim AAIB report.

London-Gatwick Airport operations severely disrupted after drone sightings

20 December 2018

London-Gatwick Airport operations were shut down on December 19 and 20 after drones were sighted near the runways.

Report: Ilyushin 96 suffers control problems near London-Gatwick

19 May 2010

According to a report released today by the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) an Ilyushin 96 passenger plane was involved in a serious incident on 28 April 2010. It suffered control problems after takeoff from London-Gatwick. The Ilyushin 96-300 passenger jet, registered CU-T1250, suffered control problems on departure from London-Gatwick Airport (LGW/EGKK), UK. The airplane […]