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21 November 2018

Report: FMC entry error causes Boeing 737-800 insufficient thrust takeoff at Belfast

21 November 2018

The AAIB final report showed that a temperature entry error in the FMC led a Boeing 737-800 to take off with insufficient thrust, striking an obstacle after lift-off at Belfast.

Report: Landing gear shimmy cause of Boeing 737-400 accident at Belfast

12 November 2017

The AAIB reported that landing gear shimmy likely caused a landing accident of a Boeing 737-400 at Belfast, Northern Ireland in October 2016.

AAIB: Wrong thrust setting causes Boeing 737-800 to hit runway light during take-off from Belfast

21 September 2017

The AAIB is investigating a serious incident in July when a wrong thrust setting caused a Boeing 737-800 to hit a runway light during take-off from Belfast after a long takeoff.