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10 November 2021

A350 slid off taxiway due to poor ice control on taxiways

10 November 2021

A Finnair Airbus A350 departing on a cargo flight to Tokyo slid partially off a slippery taxiway at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport on February 21, 2021. Substandard ice control on taxiways was a factor, according to the newly released investigation report.

Finland concludes serious loss of separation incident at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

23 December 2019

The Safety Investigation Authority of Finland (SIAF) concluded their investigation into a serious loss of separation incident at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in which a Boeing 737-900 was late in vacating the runway after landing with a 737 MAX following behind.

Finland issues report on lithium laptop battery fire on Airbus A320 at Helsinki

11 March 2018

AIB Finland issued a detailed final report on a lithium ion laptop battery fire incident which happened during disembarkation from an Airbus A320 at Helsinki Airport.

Runway incursion at Helsinki, Finland, when Challenger 600 entered active runway

25 January 2018

A runway incursion occurred at Helsinki Airport, Finland, when a Challenger 600 corporate jet entered the active runway, forcing a Finnair ERJ-190 to go around.

Finnish ATR 72-500 took off from Helsinki Airport with 3 snow removal vehicles on the runway

23 January 2018

Report: Controller clears A319 to cross runway at Helsinki, Finland with CRJ-900 on rollout

1 July 2017

The AIB Finland published its investigation report on the October 2016 serious incident at Helsinki when a controller cleared A319 to cross the runway with a CRJ-900 on rollout.

Finland investigates laptop fire on board aircraft at Helsinki Airport

15 March 2017

The Safety Investigation Authority, Finland is investigating a laptop fire on board an A320 aircraft at Helsink Airport.

Finland investigates serious near-runway incursion incident at Helsinki Airport

15 December 2016

AIB Finland investigates a serious incident in which a Finnair Airbus A320 was cleared to cross an active runway on which a SAS CRJ-900 was landing.