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24 October 2020

Descent below protected Class C airspace factor in A321/glider airprox incident near Hamburg

24 October 2020

BFU Germany concluded that the clearance to descent below protected Class C airspace was a factor in an Airbus A321 / glider airprox incident near Hamburg. Separation was 59 meters.

BFU Germany investigates serious airprox incident: Airbus A321 missed glider by 60 m

12 October 2019

BFU Germany is investigating serious airprox incident of July 2019 in which an Airbus A321 missed a glider by 60 m near Hamburg, Germany,

BFU: Final report on A320 crosswind landing mishap

4 March 2010

The German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BFU) released the final report 5X003-0/08 of their investigation into a serious incident involving an Airbus A320 at Hamburg Airport in March 2008.  The left wing of the A320 had made contact with the ground during an attempted cross-wind landing. Because of the weather associated with hurricane […]