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23 December 2020

Static system not connected after maintenance: loss of airspeed on B777-F

23 December 2020

BFU Germany detailed an incident in which a Boeing 777-F had unreliable airspeed readings because the static system was not connected

Report: Airbus A330 clipped Boeing 777-300 during taxi at Frankfurt Airport, Germany

5 April 2020

An A330 taxiing at Frankfurt Airport, Germany, clipped a Boeing 777-300 that was holding 30 m short of the stop bar on a taxiway, according to the German final report on the November 2019 accident.

Preliminary report: Thai Airbus A350 descended below glideslope at Frankfurt

31 March 2020

A Thai Airbus A350 descended below the glideslope at Frankfurt Airport, to 200 m altitude at 12 km from the runway, according to a German preliminary report into the January 2020 incident.

Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 damaged after tow tug caught fire at Frankfurt, Germany

11 June 2018

A Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 suffered serious damage to the cockpit after the tow tug caught fire at Frankfurt Airport, Germany.