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21 May 2020

Poor visibility and vehicle tracking data error contributed to 2019 runway incursion at Toronto

21 May 2020

A snowplow came within 270 feet of an Embraer ERJ-190 that had aborted the takeoff after the plow driver unknowingly crossed the stop bar for an active runway.

Aileron cable reversal eyed in Air Astana ERJ-190 serious loss of control accident, Portugal

31 May 2019

Aileron cable reversal is thought to have caused severe flight control problems during a post-maintenance flight of the Air Astana ERJ-190 that emergency landed at Beja Airport, Portugal.

Report: Aeroméxico ERJ-190 accident at Durango due to windshear; unqualified pilots at the controls

26 February 2019

Mexican investigators concluded that the July 2018 Aeroméxico ERJ-190 crash at Durango occurred due to windshear while the captain had allowed an unqualified pilot to fly the aircraft.

Finnish probe into ERJ-190 incident finds serious deficiencies in post-evacuation transportation

2 December 2018

A Finnish probe into an emergency evacuation incident involving an ERJ-190 at Turku Airport, found serious deficiencies in post-evacuation transportation of passengers.

Portugal: roll control failure on Air Astana ERJ-190 possibly due to disturbance in maintenance actions

14 November 2018

GPIAAF Portugal issued an initial report on the Air Astana ERJ-190 loss of control incident, saying maintenance actions could have caused failures in the aircraft roll controls configuration.

Air Astana ERJ-190 divert to Beja, Portugal after 90-minute flight with severe control problems

11 November 2018

An Air Astana Embraer ERJ-190 diverted to Beja, Portugal after a 90-minute post-maintenance flight with severe control problems.

Microburst factor in Aeroméxico Embraer ERJ-190 takeoff accident at Durango, Mexico

6 September 2018

Investigators issued a preliminary report on the 31 July Aeroméxico Embraer ERJ-190 takeoff accident at Durango, Mexico, stating a microburst (windshear) event was a factor.

Aeroméxico Connect ERJ-190 crashed on takeoff from Durango Airport, Mexico

1 August 2018

An Aeroméxico Connect Embraer ERJ-190AR flight AM2431 crashed on takeoff from Durango International Airport, Mexico; all 103 on board survived.

Runway incursion at Helsinki, Finland, when Challenger 600 entered active runway

25 January 2018

A runway incursion occurred at Helsinki Airport, Finland, when a Challenger 600 corporate jet entered the active runway, forcing a Finnair ERJ-190 to go around.

Report: Embraer ERJ-190 failure of cabin pressurization and anti-ice system

2 October 2017

The Swiss STSB issued a summary report on a serious incident in January 2017 when an Embraer ERJ-190 suffered a failure of the cabin pressurization and anti-ice system.