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15 July 2022

Report: EMB-145 hit ground after crew continued descent without having runway in sight

15 July 2022

United Express flight 4933, an Embraer EMB-145, was attempting to land at Presque Isle Airport (PQI), Maine, USA, and impacted terrain to the right of the runway.

Embraer ERJ-145 slides off runway on landing at Chicago-O’Hare Airport

11 November 2019

An Envoy-operated American Eagle Embraer ERJ-145 slid off the runway on landing at Chicago-O’Hare Airport.

Report: False localizer signal causes EMB-145 sudden descent and airprox with ultralight, Sweden

11 October 2019

A Swedish investigation report concluded that a false localizer signal caused an EMB-145 on approach to Norrköping to enter a sudden descent, leading to an airprox with an ultralight.

Embraer EMB-145 suffers runway excursion after landing at Maputo, Mozambique

30 September 2019

A Mocambique Expresso Embraer EMB-145, operating for LAM, suffered a runway excursion after landing at Maputo, Mocambique.

United Express/CommutAir Embraer ERJ-145 suffers runway excursion at Presque Isle Airport, USA

4 March 2019

A United Express/CommutAir Embraer ERJ-145 suffered runway excursion on landing at Presque Isle Airport, USA.

Report: Embraer ERJ-145 enters active runway at Sde Dov, Israel, with Cessna on approach

16 December 2018

AIAI Israel published a report into a serious incident in which an Embraer ERJ-145 entered the active runway at Sde Dov Airport when a Cessna was on approach.

Incident: Runway incursion Embraer EMB-145, Boeing 737-900, Toronto, Canada

20 April 2017

An Embraer EMB-145 of American Eagle was involved in a runway incursion incident when it crossed the stop bar towards an active runway, at Toronto, Canada.

Report: Severe turbulence led to loss of control of an ExpressJet ERJ-145

6 July 2016

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) released its report into the loss of control occurrence near London, Ontario, involving an ExpressJet Airlines flight.