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22 July 2021

Report: DHC-8-400 runway excursion, gear collapse after landing on snow-covered runway

22 July 2021

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) found that limited visual cues due to falling snow and a snow-covered runway contributed to the 2020 runway excursion involving a WestJet Encore DHC-8-402 in Terrace, BC Canada

WestJet Encore DHC-8-400 suffers nosegear collapse on landing at Terrace Airport, Canada

1 February 2020

A WestJet Encore DHC-8-400 suffered a nosegear collapse on landing at Terrace Airport, Canada.

Myanmar releases final report on botched landing of Biman Bangladesh DHC-8-400 at Yangon

12 January 2020

Myanmar released the final report of a botched landing accident involving a Biman Bangladesh DHC-8-400 at Yangon Airport following an unstabilized approach.

Ethiopian Airlines DHC-8-402Q suffers runway excursion on takeoff from Juba Airport, South Sudan

10 December 2019

Ethiopian Airlines flight ET357, a DHC-8-402Q, suffered a runway excursion on takeoff from Juba Airport, South Sudan.

Report: DHC-8-400 lands on taxiway after runway lights fail to illuminate

6 November 2019

The NTSB released a report on a December 2017 incident in which a DHC-8-400 landed on a taxiway at Pullman, WA, USA in night-time conditions.

Serious airprox report: DHC-8-400 misses glider by 150m in Hungarian airspace

6 March 2019

TSB Hungary issued their final report on a serious airprox incident involving a DHC-8-400 that missed a glider by about 150 m in Hungarian airspace.

Fatal Kathmandu DHC-8 accident caused by stressed-out pilot making unsafe and desperate landing

28 January 2019

The fatal US-Bangla Airlines DHC-8 accident at Kathmandu in 2018 was caused by the stressed-out captain making an unsafe and desperate landing after losing situational awareness.

Risk of collision between DHC-8-400 and Piaggio P180 over Canada

16 January 2019

TSB Canada reported on a ‘risk of collision’ between a Westjet Encore DHC-8-400 and a private Piaggio P180 over Canada.

FBI completes investigation into August 2018 crash of stolen DHC-8 near Seattle

9 November 2018

The FBI has completed its investigation of the unauthorized flight of a Horizon Air Q400 aircraft that occurred on August 10, 2018, from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington. 

TSB Canada releases report on DHC-8-400 in-flight electrical arcing incident

19 October 2018

TSB Canada released a fact-gathering investigation report on a March 2018 DHC-8-400 in-flight electrical arcing incident.