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4 May 2021

Unstable approach led to DHC-8-300 hard landing and tailstrike, Canada

4 May 2021

In its newly released investigation report the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) found that the January 2020 hard landing and tailstrike of a DHC-8-300 in Schefferville, Canada, was the result of an unstable approach. On 20 January 2020, a DHC-8-314 operated by Air Inuit was conducting a flight from Québec-Jean Lesage Airport, to Schefferville Airport, with […]

DHC-8, fuel truck collision shows passengers need to pay more attention to safety instructions

2 September 2020

A TSB investigation into a collision between a fuel truck and a DHC-8-300 highlighted the importance for passengers to follow safety directives during emergencies.

Maintenance omission resulted in forced landing of a DHC-8 with a partially extended nose landing gear

20 July 2020

The installation of a wrong bearing in the nose landing gear shock strut caused issues on a DHC-8-300 that resulted in a forced landing with a partially extended landing gear at Stephenville, Canada.

Proflight DHC-8-300 damaged in hail storm near Lusaka, Zambia

25 November 2019

A Proflight DHC-8-300 was damaged after encountering a hail storm en route from Livingstone to Lusaka, Zambia.

PAL Airlines DHC-8-300 performs nosegear-up forced landing at Stephenville Airport, Canada

15 November 2018

A PAL Airlines DHC-8-300 performed a nosegear-up forced landing at Stephenville Airport, Canada.

Report: Maintenance errors cause DHC-8-300 engine hot gas leak incident

16 September 2015

A report by the UAE GCAA shows maintenance errors led to an engine hot gas leak incident on a DHC-8-300 in 2012.