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8 July 2021

DC-3 crashed in Colombia during training flight

8 July 2021

A Douglas DC-3 is thought to have crashed after takeoff from Villavicencio with 3 crew on board.

ALIANSA Douglas DC-3C damaged in accident at Monfort, Colombia

1 March 2021

An ALIANSA Colombia Douglas DC-3C sustained serious damage in an accident at Monfort Airport, Colombia. The three crew members were not injured.

TSB Canada issues report on DC-3 engine failure and forced landing near Hay River Airport

21 December 2019

TSB Canada issued a report on a DC-3 engine failure and forced landing accident near Hay River Airport in May 2019.

Failure to follow maintenance procedures in engine change causes DC-3 engine failure in Sweden

5 June 2019

Swedish investigators concluded that a failure to follow maintenance procedures in an unplanned engine change caused an engine fire on a DC-3 in Sweden.

Douglas DC-3 crashed near Villavicencio, Colombia; multiple fatalities reported

9 March 2019

A Douglas DC-3 of LASER Aéro Colombia crashed near Villavicencio, Colombia. Multiple fatalities are reported.

NTSB on Burnet DC-3 accident: no flight control locks found installed, tailwheel correctly locked

3 August 2018

An initial NTSB report on the Burnet DC-3 takeoff accident says the tailwheel was correctly locked and no evidence of any flight control locks was found installed.

Air Colombia Douglas DC-3 suffers runway excursion after landing at San Felipe Airport, Colombia

12 July 2018

An Air Colombia Douglas DC-3 suffered runway excursion after landing at San Felipe Airport in Colombia.

Engine failure on overweight DC-3 led to collision with terrain in Yellowknife, Canada

28 April 2015

According to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) a cylinder failure on the right engine, and the fact that the aircraft exceeded its maximum certified take-off weight, led to the wheels-up landing just after take-off of a Buffalo Airways DC-3C aircraft in August 2013. There were no injuries to the 21 passengers or the 3 crew members.