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14 June 2018

WestJet Boeing 737-700 returns to Calgary after cargo smoke warning

14 June 2018

A WestJet Boeing 737-700 returned to Calgary after a cargo smoke warning; significant heat damage was found in a passenger’s bag.

Lack of coordination contributed to a 2016 runway incursion at Calgary International Airport, Canada

5 February 2018

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) found that the common practice of clearing aircraft and vehicle movements across an infrequently used runway without prior coordination contributed to a runway incursion at the Calgary International Airport, Alberta, in December 2016. 

TSB Canada investigating runway incursion incident at Calgary Airport

22 December 2016

TSB Canada today launched an investigation into a runway incursion incident at Calgary where a Metro II was crossing the active runway as an Air Canada A320 was taking off.