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8 July 2021

Fatigue factor in 2018 Halifax Boeing 747-400 runway overrun accident

8 July 2021

Fatigue was a factor in the runway overrun accident involving a Boeing 747-400 cargo plane at Halifax, Canada in November 2018.

Tailwind landing factor in Boeing 737-800 runway excursion, Canada

22 May 2021

In its newly released investigation report TSB Canada found that changing runways without recalculating the landing distance required based on the changes in wind and runway surface conditions, led to a runway overrun in Halifax, Canada, in 2020.

Sky Lease Cargo Boeing 747-400F suffered a runway excursion after landing at Halifax, Canada

7 November 2018

A Sky Lease Cargo Boeing 747-400F suffered a runway excursion after landing at Halifax Airport, Canada.

Approach procedures, snowstorm and airfield lighting factors in A320 crash at Halifax

18 May 2017

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) found that approach procedures, poor visibility and airfield lighting led to the 2015 collision with terrain of Air Canada Flight 624 at the Halifax/Stanfield International Airport.

Air Canada sues Airbus for negligence in 2015 Halifax crash

3 April 2017

Air Canada is sueing manufacturer Airbus for negligence in the 2015 accident involving an Airbus A320 at Halifax Airport, Canada.

Transport Canada sued in law suit over Air Canada A320 crash

14 December 2016

The Canadian aviation regulator, Transport Canada, is one of the parties being sued in a class action law suit over the accident of Air Canada flight 624 at Halifax in 2015.