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14 May 2011

AF447 flight recorders arrive in Paris for analysis

14 May 2011

The flight recorders of Air France flight 447 have been lifted from the Ocean and have been transported to a BEA facility in France. In the week following May 3, 2011 several parts of the wreckage of the Air France Airbus A330 have been lifted from the Ocean. Flight recorders, parts from the avionics bay […]

NAV Canada demands Air France crash CVR for lawsuit defense

2 June 2010

NAV Canada, responsible for air traffic control, demands access to the cockpit voice recorder transcript of the Air France Airbus accident at Toronto in 2005. They claim to need the transcript to defend itself against a $200 million lawsuit brought by Air France. In February 2005 an Air France Airbus A340 overran the runway on […]