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22 April 2011

Court directs Pakistan CAA to release report on fatal Airblue accident

22 April 2011

Pakistani newspaper “The Express Tribune” reported that the Peshawar High Court (PHC) had directed the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to submit the inquiry report of the Airblue plane crash in Islamabad that killed all 152 people on board in July 2010. The  Airblue Crash Affectees Organisation (ACAO) had filed a written petition asking for the Airblue fleet to […]

Report: ATR-72 control difficulties following rudder maintenance

18 April 2011

The U.K. AAIB published a Special Bulletin including three safety recommendations regarding control difficulties that were encountered by the crew of an ATR-72 during a post-maintance flight. The aircraft had undergone routine maintenance at an engineering facility at Edinburgh Airport immediately prior to the incident flight. Everything appeared normal during the crew’s pre-flight checks, which […]

Report: UK CAA publishes task forces’ recommendations on 7 top safety risks

28 March 2011

The U.K. CAA launched a task force initiative in June 2009 to address the seven top safety risks. The Paper pubsihed by the CAA consolidates the findings and recommendations of the task forces into one document. The ‘Significant Seven’ safety risks cover: loss of control; runway overrun or excursion; controlled flight into terrain (CFIT); runway […]

Danish national audit office notes safety oversight improvement

13 August 2010

The Danish National Audit Office published follow-up report on their 2006 safety oversight audit of the country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), noting several improvements. The office lauded the CAA for creating a supervisory planning system, improving the database which CAA uses as basis for inspection plans and inspection reports. Also, the Ministry of Transport now […]