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27 May 2022

Report: Cause of Cessna 560 in-flight separation of engine cowlings unclear

27 May 2022

The NTSB was not able to determine the cause of the in-flight separation of the right engine cowlings on a Cessna 560, according to a newly published report.

Cessna 560 Citation V crashed in Oregon mountains

10 January 2021

A Cessna 560 Citation V was destroyed when it impacted the terrain in the Mutton Mountains, Oregon. There were no survivors.

Cessna Citation’s tailplane stalled due to icing on departure from Oslo, report

31 January 2020

AIB Norway concluded that slush spray from the runway and falling snow and sleet caused a Cessna Citation’s tailplane to stall on departure from Oslo in 2017, with the crew recovering the aircraft at 50 m agl.

NTSB issues update on Citation Encore crash off Florida: pilot unconscious

19 June 2019

The NTSB issued an update on the Citation Encore that crashed off the Florida coast on May 24, stating that the pilot was seen unconscious and slumped over the controls by scrambled fighter jets.

Cessna Citation Encore crashes off Florida after losing communication

25 May 2019

A Cessna 560 Citation Encore en route to Fort Lauderdale crashed into the Atlantic 200 miles offshore after losing communication.

Four killed in Cessna 560 Citation V accident after takeoff from Atlanta-Fulton County Airport

20 December 2018

All occupants of a Cessna 560 Citation V were killed when the jet crashed into a park after takeoff from Atlanta-Fulton County Airport, USA.