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Report: Canadair CRJ runway excursion at Longyearbyen, Norway
7 December 2011

Report: Canadair CRJ runway excursion at Longyearbyen, Norway

7 December 2011

A CRJ-200PF cargo plane suffered a serious runway excursion incident upon landing at Svalbard-Longyearbyen Airport (LYR/ENSB), Norway on January 25, 2010. En route to Longyearbyen the crew were told by ATC to expect a runway 28 approach and landing. Braking effect in the landing direction was 4-3-2 (medium/good – medium – medium/poor), with sandy ice. […]

Report: Canadair RJ uncommanded roll on takeoff in icing conditions

15 April 2011

AIBN Norway published the final report of their investigation into an serious incident involving a Cimber Air Denmark Canadair CRJ200LR Regional Jet, January 2008. During take-off, immediately after lift-off, the aircraft suddenly lost lift on the right wing. The wing dropped, sending the aircraft into an uncontrolled 40-degree bank. The stall protection system activated, and […]

NTSB concerned about training for mechanics and inspectors

28 May 2010

Based on preliminary findings from the investigation of a partial gear up landing of a CRJ200 in December 2008, as well as prior investigative findings, the U.S. NTSB voiced its concerns about training for mechanics and inspectors. Two safety recommendations were issued and three older recommendations were re-iterated. On December 14, 2008, about 17:00 local […]

Crew distraction causes gear-up landing of CRJ200 in Spain, 2007

24 March 2010

The Spanish Civil Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Commission (CIAIAC) published its final report regarding the gear-up landing of a  Canadair CRJ200 at Barcelona Airport, Spain in January 2007. The airplane was on a scheduled passenger flight operated by Air Nostrum, from Valladolid Airport (VLL) to Barcelona Airport (BCN). On the two previous flights, there […]