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26 May 2021

Low visibility, blowing snow factors in King Air runway excursion in Canada

26 May 2021

In its investigation report, TSB Canada identified the recurring issue of approaches continued in low visibility environments as a contributing factor a Beech King Air runway excursion.

TSB Canada: Icing caused Beech King Air loss of control and crash on takeoff from Abbotsford

16 August 2019

In their final report, TSB Canada states that icing caused the crash of a Beech King Air on takeoff from Abbotsford. All aboard survived.

Beech 100 King Air suffers runway excursion during aborted takeoff from Abbotsford Airport, Canada

24 February 2018

A Beech 100 King Air suffered a runway excursion during an aborted takeoff from Abbotsford Airport, Canada.

TSB issues final report on Beech A100 King Air in-flight collision with drone incident

14 February 2018

TSB Canada issued their final report on the October 2017 Beech A100 King Air in-flight collision with drone.

Beech 100 King Air impacted drone during approach to Québec City Airport, Canada

15 October 2017

Authorities are investigating a collision incident between a Beech 100 King Air and a drone near Québec City Airport, Canada.

Report: Hard landing and runway excursion, Beech 100, Margaree, Canada

20 April 2017

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) found that ineffective crew resource management and an unstable approach led to the August 2015 hard landing of a Beechcraft King Air A100 in Margaree, Nova Scotia.