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27 April 2022

Air France Boeing 777 pilots made dual control inputs during go-around, BEA says

27 April 2022

Both Air France Boeing 777 pilots made dual control inputs in a serious incident during a go-around at Paris-CDG on April 5, 2022, BEA says.

Report: Pilot induced oscillations caused B777 tailstrike on landing

2 January 2022

Pilot induced oscillations caused a Boeing 777-300ER to suffer a tailstrike on landing at Hong Kong, according to a newly released report.

Departure procedures misunderstanding contributed to serious loss of separation incident at Sydney Airport

28 July 2020

Likely flight crew confusion with Sydney-centric departure procedures contributed to a Boeing 777 turning right instead of left on departure from Sydney Airport, resulting in a serious airprox incident with an ATR 72 which had taken off from the parallel runway, an ATSB investigation notes.

Report: Airbus A330 clipped Boeing 777-300 during taxi at Frankfurt Airport, Germany

5 April 2020

An A330 taxiing at Frankfurt Airport, Germany, clipped a Boeing 777-300 that was holding 30 m short of the stop bar on a taxiway, according to the German final report on the November 2019 accident.

FAA issues Emergency AD on GE90 engines after Boeing 777-300ER uncontained engine failure

20 January 2020

The U.S. FAA issued an Emergency Airworthiness Directive (AD)  in the wake of a Boeing 777-300ER uncontained engine failure occurrence on October 20, 2019.

FAA issues emergency AD on GE90-115B turbofan engines following uncontained failure incident

A GE90-115B engine (photo: Steff / CC:by-sa) 24 October 2019

The FAA issued an emergency Airworthiness Directive (AD), ordering the removal of a seal from certain General Electric GE90-115B turbofan engines.

NTSB: ATC issued wrong instructions in Boeing 777-300 near CFIT occurrence near LAX

10 May 2019

The NTSB issued the final report on a near CFIT occurrence near Los Angeles after ATC issued wrong instructions. Closest proximity with terrain was about 0.3 miles horizontal and 0 ft vertical.

Report: Boeing 777 autoland runway excursion at Munich due to disturbed localizer signal

23 December 2018

BFU Germany concluded that a runway excursion of a Boeing 777-300ER following an autoland at Munich Airport, occurred due to a disturbed localizer signal by a departing aircraft.

Report: Boeing 777-300 nose wheel tire tread separation incident, Abu Dhabi

20 October 2018

A Boeing 777-300 suffered nose wheel tire tread separation on takeoff from Abu Dhabi, causing debris to be ingested in an engine.

ATSB releases report on B777-300ER electrical short circuit and cargo compartment smoke incident

22 August 2018

ATSB releases report on an electrical short circuit and forward cargo compartment smoke incident involving a Boeing 777-300ER on 14 October 2017