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10 May 2019

NTSB: ATC issued wrong instructions in Boeing 777-300 near CFIT occurrence near LAX

10 May 2019

The NTSB issued the final report on a near CFIT occurrence near Los Angeles after ATC issued wrong instructions. Closest proximity with terrain was about 0.3 miles horizontal and 0 ft vertical.

Report: Boeing 777 autoland runway excursion at Munich due to disturbed localizer signal

23 December 2018

BFU Germany concluded that a runway excursion of a Boeing 777-300ER following an autoland at Munich Airport, occurred due to a disturbed localizer signal by a departing aircraft.

Report: Boeing 777-300 nose wheel tire tread separation incident, Abu Dhabi

20 October 2018

A Boeing 777-300 suffered nose wheel tire tread separation on takeoff from Abu Dhabi, causing debris to be ingested in an engine.

ATSB releases report on B777-300ER electrical short circuit and cargo compartment smoke incident

22 August 2018

ATSB releases report on an electrical short circuit and forward cargo compartment smoke incident involving a Boeing 777-300ER on 14 October 2017

Boeing 787-8 wingtip rips off APU cover of parked Boeing 777-300 at Istanbul-Atatürk Airport

9 August 2018

The wingtip of a Royal Air Maroc Boeing 787-8 ripped off the APU cover of a parked Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300 at Istanbul-Atatürk Airport.

Industry warning for Super Absorbant Polymers (SAP) jet fuel contamination after Boeing 777 incident

21 July 2018

EASA issued a safety information bulletin, warning for Super Absorbant Polymers (SAP) contamination of jet fuel, following a recent Bangladesh Boeing 777 engine failure incident.

Power bank catches fire during boarding of Boeing 777 at Guangzhou Airport, China

25 February 2018

A power bank inside carry on luggage caught fire during boarding of a Boeing 777 at Guangzhou Airport, China.

ATSB investigating flight below minimum altitude, Boeing 777-300, near Brisbane Airport, Australia

24 November 2017

The ATSB is investigating a descent below minimum altitude incident involving a Boeing 777-300, near Brisbane Airport, Australia.

Report: Qatar Airways Boeing 777 diversion due to electrical smell in the cockpit, Zurich, Switzerland

4 July 2017

The STSB issued a s summary report on a serious incident involving a Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER that diverted to Zurich, Switzerland due to electrical smell in the cockpit.

Incident: Boeing 777-300ER reported tailstrike on takeoff, Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, Netherlands

21 April 2017

A Jet Airways Boeing 777-300ER suffered a tailstrike on takeoff from Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands.