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23 December 2018

Report: Boeing 777 autoland runway excursion at Munich due to disturbed localizer signal

23 December 2018

BFU Germany concluded that a runway excursion of a Boeing 777-300ER following an autoland at Munich Airport, occurred due to a disturbed localizer signal by a departing aircraft.

Report: Boeing 777-300 nose wheel tire tread separation incident, Abu Dhabi

20 October 2018

A Boeing 777-300 suffered nose wheel tire tread separation on takeoff from Abu Dhabi, causing debris to be ingested in an engine.

ATSB releases report on B777-300ER electrical short circuit and cargo compartment smoke incident

22 August 2018

ATSB releases report on an electrical short circuit and forward cargo compartment smoke incident involving a Boeing 777-300ER on 14 October 2017

Boeing 787-8 wingtip rips off APU cover of parked Boeing 777-300 at Istanbul-Atatürk Airport

9 August 2018

The wingtip of a Royal Air Maroc Boeing 787-8 ripped off the APU cover of a parked Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300 at Istanbul-Atatürk Airport.

Industry warning for Super Absorbant Polymers (SAP) jet fuel contamination after Boeing 777 incident

21 July 2018

EASA issued a safety information bulletin, warning for Super Absorbant Polymers (SAP) contamination of jet fuel, following a recent Bangladesh Boeing 777 engine failure incident.

Power bank catches fire during boarding of Boeing 777 at Guangzhou Airport, China

25 February 2018

A power bank inside carry on luggage caught fire during boarding of a Boeing 777 at Guangzhou Airport, China.

ATSB investigating flight below minimum altitude, Boeing 777-300, near Brisbane Airport, Australia

24 November 2017

The ATSB is investigating a descent below minimum altitude incident involving a Boeing 777-300, near Brisbane Airport, Australia.

Report: Qatar Airways Boeing 777 diversion due to electrical smell in the cockpit, Zurich, Switzerland

4 July 2017

The STSB issued a s summary report on a serious incident involving a Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER that diverted to Zurich, Switzerland due to electrical smell in the cockpit.

Incident: Boeing 777-300ER reported tailstrike on takeoff, Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, Netherlands

21 April 2017

A Jet Airways Boeing 777-300ER suffered a tailstrike on takeoff from Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands.

Singapore releases report of Boeing 777 engine fire accident on landing, Changi Airport

13 March 2017

The Singapore TSIB released the final report of the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 that suffered an engine fire accident on landing at Changi Airport in 2016.