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24 February 2021

FAA requires engine inspections after UA328 incident

24 February 2021

The FAA requires inspections of 1st-stage low-pressure compressor blades on certain PW4000 model engines, following the UA328 incident.

United Airlines Boeing 777-222 suffers uncontained engine failure after takeoff Denver, Colorado

21 February 2021

United Airlines UA328, a Boeing 777-222 (N772UA) suffered an engine failure after takeoff from Denver, Colorado, USA.
The aircraft safely landed back at Denver.

Report: B777 wing tip hits runway on go around after unstabilized approach, Paris-Le Bourget

17 December 2019

BEA France concluded a Boeing 777 wing tip hit the runway at Paris-Le Bourget in June 2016 after a late go-around following an unstabilized approach.

NTSB issues final report on British Airways Boeing 777-200 uncontained engine failure at Las Vegas

20 June 2018

The NTSB issued their final report on the September 2015 British Airways Boeing 777-200 uncontained engine failure accident at Las Vegas Airport.

KLM Boeing 777-200 diverts to Phuket, Thailand, after mobile phone began emitting smoke

9 May 2018

A KLM Boeing 777-200 diverted to Phuket, Thailand, after the mobile phone of a passenger began emitting smoke.

KLM Boeing 777 fuselage panel falls off and hits driving car in Osaka, Japan

24 September 2017

The JTSB is investigating a serious incident in which a KLM Boeing 777 lost a wing panel after takeoff. The panel hit a driving car in Osaka, Japan.

Final Report: A330 winglet clipped B777 during taxi at Madrid Airport, Spain, Dec. 2015

20 July 2017

The CIAIAC issued a final report on a Dec. 2015 incident in which an Airbus A330 winglet clipped a Boeing 777 during taxi at Madrid Airport, Spain.

Report: NTSB releases dockets on British Airways Boeing 777 engine fire accident, Las Vegas

12 April 2017

The NTSB released public dockets on the September 2015 accident involved a British Airways Boeing 777 that rejected takeoff following an engine failure at Las Vegas.