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28 March 2021

Report: Crew missed SIGMETs, factor in B757 low fuel emergency at Manchester

28 March 2021

The crew of an Icelandair Boeing 757 missed SIGMETs and improperly chose an alternate airport, causing a low fuel emergency at Manchester Airport

Report: excessive nose gear derotation caused serious damage to Boeing 757, Azores, Portugal

3 May 2020

An excessive nose gear derotation by the copilot during landing at Ponta Delgada, Azores, caused serious damage to the fuselage of a Boeing 757, according to the recently released report.

Icelandair Boeing 757 suffers gear collapse on landing at Keflavík Airport, Iceland

7 February 2020

Icelandair flight #I529, a Boeing 757-200 suffered a right-hand main landing gear collapse after landing on runway 10 at Keflavík International Airport, Iceland.

United Boeing 757-200 suffers serious damage in bounced landing accident at Newark Airport

15 June 2019

United flight UA627, a Boeing 757-200, suffered serious damage in a hard/bounced landing at Newark Airport.

Fly Jamaica Boeing 757-200 suffers runway excursion after returning to Georgetown Airport, Guyana

9 November 2018

A Fly Jamaica Boeing 757-200 suffered a runway excursion after returning to land at Georgetown Airport, Guyana.

Jet2 Boeing 757 tailstrike landing accident report released

3 November 2018

Spanish authorities released their final report on the Jet2 Boeing 757 tailstrike landing accident at Alicante, Spain (April 2017)

FedEx Boeing 757 and US Army Beech Huron involved in airprox incident near Tel Aviv, Israel

31 January 2018

Israel is investigating an airprox incident involving a FedEx Boeing 757 on approach to Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion and a US Army Beech Huron on departure from Sde Dov Airport.

Accident: Boeing 757-200 tail strike on landing, Alicante, Spain

18 April 2017

CIAIAC Spain reported that a Boeing 757-200 of Jet2 suffered a tail strike on landing at Alicante, Spain.

Report: Icelandair Boeing 757 serious uncommanded left roll incident during final approach

21 August 2015

The Icelandic Transportation Safety Board published the final report of the investigation into a serious incident in which an Icelandair Boeing 757 made an uncommanded left roll during final approach.

Incident report: NZ Air Force Boeing 757 makes below minima landing at Antarctica base

3 March 2015

A TAIC incident report reveals that a Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing 757 had to carry out a landing on a runway in Antarctica below published minima weather conditions because it had already passed the point of no return and the destination runway at Pegasus Field was the only suitable runway in the area.