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2 February 2021

Nippon Cargo Airlines Boeing 747-8F suffers a tailstrike at Tokyo/Narita Airport, Japan

2 February 2021

A Boeing 747-8F of Nippon Cargo Airlines, operating KZ258 from Hong Kong to Tokyo/Narita, suffered a tailstrike on landing.

Report: thrust setting for shorter runway causes Boeing 747-8F to rotate at runway end, Tokyo-Narita

9 June 2019

The JTSB final report of a serious incident at Tokyo-Narita Airport shows that the crew of a Boeing 747-8F used the thrust setting of a shorter runway on take-off.

Cockpit fire forces Cargolux Boeing 747-8F emergency return to Kuala Lumpur

16 January 2019

A cockpit fire forced a Cargolux Boeing 747-8F to perform an emergency return to Kuala Lumpur Airport, Malaysia.

Runway incursion: Airbus A330 given takeoff clearance with Boeing 747-8 crossing runway

24 January 2018

Hong Kong aviation authorities published a preliminary report on a runway incursion incident in December 2017 when an A330 was given takeoff clearance while a Boeing 747 was still crossing the runway.

Incident: B747-8 premature departure turn over terrain, below MSA at Hong Kong

26 September 2017

A Boeing 747-8F made a premature departure turn towards terrain, below the MSA at Hong Kong.

Serious incident: Wrong thrust setting, long takeoff of Boeing 747-8 at Tokyo-Narita, Japan

10 August 2017

The JTSB is investigating a serious incident involving a Boeing 747-8F that had a long takeoff at Tokyo-Narita, Japan, due to a wrong thrust setting.