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24 July 2020

FAA requires additional post-storage B737 engine inspections after several in-flight shutdown incidents

24 July 2020

The U.S. FAA is requiring operators of Boeing 737 aircraft to inspect engine bleed air valves of aircraft that have been stored after several incidents of in-flight engine shutdowns.

Overheating wheelchair battery causes fire warning on El Al Boeing 737-900

El Al Boeing 737-900ER 4X-EHE (photo: Oyoyoy / CC:by-sa) 2 November 2019

An overheating wheelchair battery during taxi caused a cargo hold fire warning on an El Al Boeing 737-900.

Two Boeing 737-900ER’s into the snow at Cincinatti and Moscow

13 January 2019

On January 13, 2019, two Boeing 737-900ER aircraft departed paved airport surfaces, becoming stuck in the snow.

Final report: misunderstanding of conditional clearance causes runway collision at Medan, Indonesia

20 April 2018

An NTSC final report concluded that misunderstanding of conditional clearance caused the August 2017 runway collision between an ATR 72-500 and a Boeing 737-900 at Medan, Indonesia.

Korean Air Boeing 737-900 suffers tail strike accident on landing at Osaka-Kansai Airport, Japan

10 April 2018

The JTSB initiated an investigation into a tailstrike accident involving a Korean Air Boeing 737-900 that bounced on landing at Osaka-Kansai Airport, Japan.

AAIB India: Jet Airways Boeing 737 landing gear collapse due improper overhaul

27 February 2018

An AAIB India report shows that a Jet Airways Boeing 737 was involved in landing gear collapse due improper overhaul of trunnion pins; the second such accident in one year time.

Incident: United Boeing 737-900 makes evasive manoeuvre to avoid glider near Chicago

27 September 2017

A United Airlines Boeing 737-900 made an evasive manoeuvre to avoid a glider near Chicago, according to the FAA.

Incident: Runway incursion Embraer EMB-145, Boeing 737-900, Toronto, Canada

20 April 2017

An Embraer EMB-145 of American Eagle was involved in a runway incursion incident when it crossed the stop bar towards an active runway, at Toronto, Canada.

Report: Jet Airways Boeing 737-900 depressurization incident

9 April 2017

The AAIB India released their report on the serious incident involving a Jet Airways Boeing 737-900 which suffered a rapid depressurization incident after the flight crew wrongly handled an air-conditioning fault.

Report: Lion Air Boeing 737-900 runway excursion incident after long and fast landing

6 April 2017

The Indonesian NTSC released their report on the 2016 serious incident involving a Lion Air Boeing 737-900 that suffered a runway excursion after a long and fast landing.