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17 September 2019

Dutch Safety Board investigates Boeing 737-800 taxiway takeoff attempt, Schiphol Airport

17 September 2019

The Dutch Safety Board is investigating a Boeing 737-800 takeoff attempt from a taxiway at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, Netherlands.

Improper bounced landing recovery causes Korean Air Boeing 737-900 tailstrike at Osaka

17 August 2019

The JTSB published the final report of a tailstrike accident that occurred to a Korean Air Boeing 737-900 during an improper bounced landing recovery at Osaka-Kansai Airport, Japan.

Report: Air Niugini flight 73 hit water after unstabilized approach, crew ignored EGPWS warnings

19 July 2019

PNG AIC released the final report on Air Niugini flight 73 that hit the water off Chuuk, Micronesia, during an unstabilized, steep approach when the pilots lost situational awareness.

S7 Airlines Boeing 737-800 suffers tailstrike on landing at Krasnodar Airport, Russia

16 June 2019

An S7 Airlines Boeing 737-800 suffered tailstrike on landing at Krasnodar Airport, Russia.

Report: Boeing 737-800 tailstrike on takeoff with incorrect thrust setting, Birmingham Airport

13 June 2019

The AAIB reported that a Boeing 737-800 suffered a tailstrike on takeoff from Birmingham Airport after the crew mistakenly used zero fuel weight instead of takeoff weight to calculate thrust setting.

FAA: Some Boeing 737NG and MAX aircraft may have improperly manufactured leading edge slat tracks

3 June 2019

Boeing has informed the FAA that certain 737NG and 737MAX leading edge slat tracks may have been improperly manufactured and may not meet all applicable regulatory requirements for strength and durability.

Report: Pilot turns Boeing 737-800 into water drain due to poorly visibile taxiway centreline

2 June 2019

AAIB India reported that the pilot of an Air India Express Boeing 737-800 turned his aircraft into a water drain due to a poorly visible taxiway centreline at night in rain.

Report: Boeing 737 touched down as an A320 had just left the ground at Edinburgh

30 May 2019

The late line-up of an Airbus A320 and the faster than normal approach of a Boeing 737-800 were factors in a serious incident at Edinburgh in which the 737 touched down as the A320 had just left the ground.

ATSB calls for review of runway lighting standards following Boeing 737-800 runway excursion at Darwin

15 May 2019

The absence of centreline lighting on a wider than usual runway was a factor in a serious runway excursion incident involving a Boeing 737-800 at Darwin Airport, Australia.

Miami Air Boeing 737-800 overshot runway at Jacksonville, Florida

4 May 2019

Miami Air Boeing 737-800 suffered a runway excursion after landing at Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Florida. The aircraft ended up in the water.