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12 October 2018

Air India Express Boeing 737-800 hits antenna and wall on takeoff Tiruchirappalli Airport, India

12 October 2018

An Air India Express Boeing 737-800 hit an antenna array and a brick wall on takeoff from Tiruchirappalli Airport, India. The aircraft diverted to Mumbai.

Pegasus Boeing 737-800 diverts to Zagreb, Croatia after e-cigarette causes cargo hold smoke warning

3 October 2018

A Pegasus Boeing 737-800 diverted to Zagreb, Croatia after an e-cigarette caused a cargo hold smoke warning.

Air Niugini: body of missing passenger of PX73 discovered by divers

1 October 2018

Air Niugini confirms the body the missing passenger of flight PX73 was discovered by divers today.

Air Niugini Boeing 737-800 lands in water short of runway at Chuuk Airport, Micronesia

28 September 2018

An Air Niugini Boeing 737-800 landed in water just short of the runway at Chuuk Airport, Micronesia; all 47 on board survived.

US-Bangla Airlines Boeing 737-800 performs nosegear-up forced landing at Chittagong, Bangladesh

26 September 2018

A US-Bangla Airlines Boeing 737-800 made nosegear-up forced landing at Chittagong, Bangladesh after diverting there from Cox’s Bazar.

Report: Crew lacked knowledge of cabin pressure system in serious pressurization incident

23 September 2018

A flight crew’s lack of understanding of the cabin pressure system caused a serious pressurization incident involving a Boeing 737-800 in South Korea, according to the final report.

Report: Tire failure after takeoff caused loss of single hydraulic system on Boeing 737-800

21 September 2018

The tire of a spinning wheel inside the wheel well after takeoff caused the loss of a single hydraulic system on a Boeing 737-800 at Dubai.

Report: Rushed departure caused B737 – A330 wingtip strike incident at Jakarta Airport, Indonesia

21 September 2018

A rushed departure caused the winglet of a Boeing 737-800 to scrape the wing of a stationary Airbus A330 at Jakarta Airport, Indonesia.

ATSB: Objective interpretation of runway surface conditions can help reduce the risk of runway excursions

18 September 2018

The ATSB is advising pilots to be conservative when relying on pilot reports for runway surface conditions, in particular, when the conditions are considered damp.

UTAir Boeing 737-800 suffers runway excursion accident after landing Sochi, Russia

1 September 2018

An UTAir Boeing 737-800 overran the runway end after landing during a thunderstorm at Sochi, Russia.