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14 February 2019

Report: Boeing 737-800 contacts blast fence during pushback at London-Stansted Airport

14 February 2019

The AAIB released their investigation report of an accident involving a Boeing 737-800 that hit a blast fence during pushback at London-Stansted Airport.

Aeroflot Boeing 737-800 makes emergency landing in Russia after hijack attempt

22 January 2019

Aeroflot flight 1515, a Boeing 737-800, made an emergency landing in Russia after a hijack attempt.

TSB: Lithium-ion battery for e-cigarette caused fire in WestJet Boeing 737 cargo hold

19 January 2019

TSB Canada reported that a lithium-ion battery for e-cigarette caused a fire in the cargo hold of a WestJet Boeing 737-800.

Two Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 returned to Izmir, Turkey, after being hit by lightning

13 January 2019

On January 11, 2019, two Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft were hit by lightning after departure from Izmir-Adnan Menderes Airport, Turkey.

Report: Boeing 737-800 stalls onto runway after hitting a thick flock of birds at Rome, Italy

28 December 2018

ANSV Italy published the final report of a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 that stalled onto the runway after hitting a thick flock of birds while attempting to perform a go-around at Rome, Italy in November 2008.

Report: Thrust asymmetry during takeoff causes Boeing 737-800 to swerve off runway, Goa, India

27 November 2018

A report by the AAIB India stated that a Boeing 737-800 swerved off the runway at Goa, India, when the crew selected TOGA when there was a 12% thrust difference between the engines.

Report: FMC entry error causes Boeing 737-800 insufficient thrust takeoff at Belfast

21 November 2018

The AAIB final report showed that a temperature entry error in the FMC led a Boeing 737-800 to take off with insufficient thrust, striking an obstacle after lift-off at Belfast.

JTSB issues final report on Boeing 737-800 dual air conditioning pack shut down incident near Tokyo

19 October 2018

The JTSB issued a final report on the May 2016 serious incident in which an ANA Boeing 737-800 suffered a dual air conditioning pack shut down near Tokyo.

Air India Express Boeing 737-800 hits antenna and wall on takeoff Tiruchirappalli Airport, India

12 October 2018

An Air India Express Boeing 737-800 hit an antenna array and a brick wall on takeoff from Tiruchirappalli Airport, India. The aircraft diverted to Mumbai.

Pegasus Boeing 737-800 diverts to Zagreb, Croatia after e-cigarette causes cargo hold smoke warning

3 October 2018

A Pegasus Boeing 737-800 diverted to Zagreb, Croatia after an e-cigarette caused a cargo hold smoke warning.