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24 July 2021

Report: B737 Manaus runway excursion due to tailwind landing and hydraulics issues

24 July 2021

A newly released Brazilian accident report states that a 2018 runway excursion at Manaus of an Avior Boeing 737-200 occurred during a tailwind landing after loss of hydraulic system A;

Boeing 737-200C cargo plane ditches off Honolulu, crew rescued

2 July 2021

Transair flight 810, a Boeing 737-200C cargo plane ditched in the waters off Honolulu, Hawaii after one engine failed on departure. Both pilots were rescued.

Cuba: Crash of Global Air Boeing 737-200 at Havana due to errors in weight and balance calculations

18 May 2019

Cuban authorities reported that it had completed their investigation into the May 2018 accident involving a Global Air Boeing 737-200, citing errors in weight an balance calculations.

Boeing 737 suffered runway excursion on landing at Wamena Airport, Papua, Indonesia

25 May 2018

A Boeing 737 operated by Jayawijaya Dirgantara suffered a runway excursion at Wamena Airport,Papua, Indonesia.

Boeing 737-200 crashed after takeoff from Havana Airport, Cuba with over 100 on board

18 May 2018

A Boeing 737-200, operated by Global Air on behalf of Cubana, crashed after takeoff from Havana Airport, Cuba with over 100 on board.