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AAIB details ATR-42 landing gear collapse accident
10 October 2013

AAIB details ATR-42 landing gear collapse accident

10 October 2013

A fatigue failure caused the left hand main landing gear on an ATR-42 to collapse on landing at Jersey Airport, U.K., an AAIB investigation revealed.

ANSV Italy links ATR-42/72 incident investigations involving PW127 engine failures

10 February 2012

The Italian ANSV, while investigating an ATR-72 engine failure incident, met with other accident investigators dealing with similar PW127 engine problems.

Polish ATR-42 takes off from taxiway at Wroclaw

18 November 2011

On November 15, an ATR-42 passenger plane inadvertently took off from a taxiway at Wroclaw, Poland according to a report by Polish news channel TVN24. Eurolot Flight 012 took off from a closed taxiway at Wroclaw-Strachowice Airport (WRO/EPWR), Poland. Visibility was poor (400 m) due to fog at the time of the incident. Wroclaw has a single […]

NTSB cites crew actions in ATR-42 cargo flight crash in Texas

27 April 2011

The crash of an ATR-42  cargo airplane while on approach to landing at Lubbock, Texas, was caused by the flight crew’s failure to maintain a safe airspeed, which put the plane into an aerodynamic stall at an altitude too low from which to recover, the NTSB determined. Poor crew resource management, flawed decision-making and human […]

FAA proposes $700,000 civil penalty against Executive Airlines

28 June 2010

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing a civil penalty of $700,000 against Executive Airlines.  The San Juan, Puerto Rico airline, which does business as American Eagle Airlines, allegedly operated eight of its ATR-42 twin-turboprop airliners when they were not in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations. The FAA alleges that when Executive Airlines did […]