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13 December 2020

Report: ATR 72 lines up and starts take-off on incorrect runway, Australia

13 December 2020

A Virgin Australia ATR 72 inadvertently lined-up on the wrong runway at Canberra Airport for a night time departure, a new ATSB report details.

ATR 42-600 landed before displaced threshold due to poor flight preparation

26 September 2020

An ATR 42-600 of LIAT landed before the displaced threshold at Martinique in 2014 due to poor flight preparation, according to a newly released BEA report.

Report: ATR 72-600 crew in Taiwan excursion incident did not see centreline on touchdown

19 August 2020

Taiwan TSB concluded that the crew of an ATR 72-600 did not see centreline before the aircraft touched down on the left side of the runway, leading to a temporary excursion.

Departure procedures misunderstanding contributed to serious loss of separation incident at Sydney Airport

28 July 2020

Likely flight crew confusion with Sydney-centric departure procedures contributed to a Boeing 777 turning right instead of left on departure from Sydney Airport, resulting in a serious airprox incident with an ATR 72 which had taken off from the parallel runway, an ATSB investigation notes.

Report: Unstable approach, failure to go-around leads to a hard landing of ATR 72 at Canberra, Australia

12 November 2019

The ATSB concluded that an unstable approach preceded a hard landing accident of an ATR 72 airliner at Canberra, Australia.

ATSB issues recommendations for improved aircraft design tolerance to inadvertent dual control inputs

26 May 2019

The ATSB has issued Safety Recommendations to EASA and aircraft manufacturer ATR seeking improved aircraft system design tolerance to inadvertent dual control inputs by pilots.

ATR 72-600 veers off runway on landing in thunderstorm at Taichung, Taiwan

22 April 2019

Far Eastern Air Transport flight FE3060 veered off the side of the runway while landing in a thunderstorm at Taichung, Taiwan.

Virgin Australia ATR 72-600 suffers flameouts in both engines

18 December 2018

A Virgin Australia ATR 72-600 suffered flameouts in both engines while descending towards Canberra.

Report: ATR 72-600 struck runway maintenance equipment when landing at Surabaya

21 October 2018

The NTSC reported that an ATR 72-600 struck runway maintenance equipment when landing at Surabaya; the runway had not been inspected following night time works.

ATR 72-600 hits runway edge light on landing Taichung Airport, Taiwan

23 August 2018

A Mandarin Airlines ATR 72-600 was damaged after hitting a runway edge light on landing at Taichung Airport, Taiwan.