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12 July 2019

Yeti ATR 72-500 suffers runway excursion on landing in heavy rain at Kathmandu

12 July 2019

A Yeti Airlines ATR 72-500, flight YT422, suffered a runway excursion on landing at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal; no injuries among the 69 occupants.

Preliminary report issued on Vanuatu ATR 72-600 engine failure, runway veer-off accident

13 August 2018

Preliminary report on Vanuatu ATR 72-600 runway veer-off accident at Port Vila: flight control abnormalities, uncommanded roll actions occurred after in-flight engine failure.

ATR 72-500 hits two Islanders following runway excursion after single-engine landing at Vanuatu

28 July 2018

An Air Vanuatu ATR 72-500 struck two BN-2 Islander aircraft following a runway excursion after a single-engine landing at Bauerfield International Airport, Vanuatu.

Final report: misunderstanding of conditional clearance causes runway collision at Medan, Indonesia

20 April 2018

An NTSC final report concluded that misunderstanding of conditional clearance caused the August 2017 runway collision between an ATR 72-500 and a Boeing 737-900 at Medan, Indonesia.

CAO Iran lifts suspension of ATR 72-200 and -500 aircraft, grounded following recent accident

18 March 2018

The Civil Aviation Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran (CAO.IRI) lifted the suspension of operations involving ATR 72-200 and -500 aircraft in the country.

Iran suspends operations with ATR 72-200 and -500 aircraft in wake of fatal accident

23 February 2018

The Civil Aviation Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran (CAO.IRI) reported that operations involving ATR 72-200 and -500 aircraft were suspended in the country.

ATR 72-500 nearly lands on ultralight airstrip instead of Kish Island Airport runway, Iran

21 February 2018

An Iran Aseman ATR 72-500 nearly landed on an ultralight airstrip on January 24, instead of the Kish Island Airport runway, Iran.

Finnish ATR 72-500 took off from Helsinki Airport with 3 snow removal vehicles on the runway

23 January 2018

Final report: ATR 72-500 loss of control in icing conditions over English Channel

17 December 2017

The AAIB released their final report of a serious incident involving an ATR 72-500 that suffered a loss of control in icing conditions over the English Channel.

Starbow ATR 72 veered off runway at Accra, Ghana, after captain’s seat slid back during takeoff

30 November 2017

According to preliminary information, that captain’s seat of a Starbow ATR 72 slid back during takeoff, causing it to veer off the runway at Accra, Ghana (Nov.25).