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2 November 2022

Propeller malfunction led to 2020 runway excursion of ATR 42 in Canada

2 November 2022

A propeller malfunction led to a 2020 runway excursion of an ATR 42 in Canada, according to a newly released investigation report. The propeller entered a pitch-lock condition, causing an asymmetric thrust state when reverse thrust was selected after touchdown. Directional control was lost and the aircraft veered off the runway.

Report: Fatal PIA ATR 42 crash caused by engine failure due to maintenance omission

18 November 2020

The fatal PIA ATR 42 crash in December 2016 was caused by an engine and prop control failure due to a maintenance omission, according to the newly published investigation report.

MAP Linhas Aéreas ATR 42-320 lands gear-up at Manaus Airport, Brazil

15 June 2019

A MAP Linhas Aéreas ATR 42-320 returned to Manaus Airport, Brazil, for technical reasons and landed gear-up.

TSB Canada factual update on Fond-du-Lac ATR 42 accident: aircraft had ice contamination on takeoff

23 April 2018

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) released a factual update on its investigation (A17C0146) into the fatal ATR 42 aircraft accident that occurred in Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan, on 13 December 2017.

West Wind Aviation ATR 42 impacted terrain near Fond-du-Lac Airport, Canada, all aboard survived

14 December 2017

A West Wind Aviation ATR 42 impacted terrain shortly after takeoff from Fond-du-Lac Airport, Canada, all 25 aboard survived.

Report: Serious airprox incident near Sicily, Italy, August 2011, with ATR-42 at wrong altitude

25 June 2017

The Italian ANSV published a summary report on a serious airprox incident when a ATR-42 was at the wrong altitude with an MD-82 on opposing course at same altitude near Sicily, Italy, August 2011.