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15 April 2011

Report: Canadair RJ uncommanded roll on takeoff in icing conditions

15 April 2011

AIBN Norway published the final report of their investigation into an serious incident involving a Cimber Air Denmark Canadair CRJ200LR Regional Jet, January 2008. During take-off, immediately after lift-off, the aircraft suddenly lost lift on the right wing. The wing dropped, sending the aircraft into an uncontrolled 40-degree bank. The stall protection system activated, and […]

Report: airline, airport and controller were factors in A320 taxiway takeoff at Oslo-Gardermoen

14 December 2010

An investigation report by the Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) concluded that the airline, airport and controller were all factors in a serious incident at Oslo-Gardermoen Airport when an Aeroflot Airbus A320 took off from a taxiway. The serious incident occurred on 25 February 2010. Aeroflot flight number AFL212, an Airbus A320 aircraft, made a taxiing mistake and took off […]

AIB Norway: report released on A321 runway skid

11 March 2010

The Accident Investigation Board of Norway published its final report of their investigation into a serious incident involving an Airbus A321 at Sandefjord Airport Torp (ENTO), Norway. An Airbus A321, registration OY-VKA and flight number VKG866, flew from Tenerife Airport (GCTS) to Sandefjord Airport Torp (ENTO) on 26th of March 2006. The flight was operated […]